Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LinkedIn & Law Students

I admittedly have not been a big proponent of LinkedIn - largely because I have not really figured out how to effectively use it. However, this blog (written by a law student) makes a compelling argument for being deliberate in using LinkedIn as one tool in your networking belt. As with all social networking sites, remember to use large doses of discretion and propriety.

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Aaron @ Lawyerist said...

First, thanks for the link to our recent LinkedIn post on Lawyerist.

Second, just so the Baylor Law community knows, though that post was written by one of our law student contributors, our site actually contains posts from lots of current (and future) attorneys.

In fact, we are in the midst of recruiting additional student bloggers. If any of you might be interested, you can find more info here: Help wanted: looking for law student(s) to write for LawyeristThanks!

-Aaron Street, Publisher
Lawyerist Media, LLC